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Data evaluation made to fit

With Dataflexor you can load data, transform it, combine different data sources, get an overview of it and finally analyze interesting aspects in detail.

Visualize correlations

Would you just like to see where correlations might be found instead of having to specifically look for them? Dataflexor offers you a convenient overview so that you can identify possible correlations at a glance.

Detect possible correlations with ease

Display of how meaningful a data set is

Filter options for precise evaluations


Evaluate with charts

Of course, Dataflexor also allows you to take a detailed look at your data. Key figures, diagrams and other options for precise evaluation are waiting for you.

Examine possible correlations in detail

Useful trend overview

Make even delayed effects visible


Transform your data

Data comes in a wide variety of formats and forms. You still only need one evaluation tool, because with Dataflexor you can transform your data into the right format before evaluation.

Ready-made and custom templates

Automatic data transformation

Numerous detailed transformation settings possible


Combine data sources

Do you have data that you would like to evaluate together, but which is saved in different files? No problem, Dataflexor offers you the possibility to join different data sources for a common evaluation.

Join two or more tables

Combine columns of various tables


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